HOw to Connect Wireless Headphones to Smartphones


Connecting a smartphone to a wireless headset using Bluetooth. This article presents an overview of the general process for pairing a Wireless Headphones to a smartphone.

According to, one has to make sure the phone and the adapter are properly charged for the pairing process

Enable Bluetooth, head to settings>wireless and networks>Bluetooth settings>Turn on Bluetooth (Android phones). But pulling down the menu and touch the Bluetooth icon to turn it on will be better. Make a long touch on the icon to open the settings and set the device to being visible to other devices.

Switch your Bluetooth adapter on. Something like a light should blick.

Hold the headset’s button down for 5 to 10 seconds just for the phone to identify the phone and create a link between the two devices.

On your phone, go to the Bluetooth settings and search for devices. You will see the Bluetooth headset listed. Select it and let it make the connection. Just in case you a asked for a password or code enter 0000
Once the connection is made, a message will tell you that the pairing is successfully completed.

You a now ready to use your Bluetooth headset with your smartphone.


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