How Wireless Headphones Work

How Wireless Headphones work

Here we dig into the two technologies based on by major sound companies to the deliver the best output for wireless headphones clients.

Infrared and Bluetooth in this article we break down the functional differences to help you learn how Wireless Headphones really work.

Infrared- devices use an infrared beam to transmit the sound from the base unit to the headphones,working like a TV remote you have at home. The range is between 7m according to Infrared is optical so there is need for a clear line between the transmitter and the Headphones.

Bluetooth- a low-power radio signal is used to digitally transmit the sound Currently, Bluetooth headphones are thin on the ground. The limited range puts them in the same league as infrared but the portability makes them differ since Bluetooth devices are suitable for walk around listening compared to infrared.


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